Monday, 27 December 2010

Some Santas

I have quite a collection of Santas. 

Here are the new ones for 2010.

I love this woodsy looking guy. 
I think he will eventually wind up being part of the downstairs woodland theme.

The dangling Santa one is just plain fun.

This adorable face is a Jim Shore Decoration

This pair dances and makes me laugh each time.

The center one is balanced and it rocks.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas Morning

 Pictures from Christmas Morning 2010

The tree had lots of presents waiting and we had our stockings laid out on the sofas for Santa to fill.

The Menu
fruit plate
fruit supa
"monkey bread"
juice, tea and eggnog

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner tends to be pretty much the same from year to year at our house. Dependable is good. I am sure in years to come, additional people to the family will generate new "must have" favorites but for right now I can use the same list from year to year.

The meal is the third in the series of four Holiday meals so I will try to keep things a little simpler.

Ham and glaze
cabbage rolls
frozen peas
frozen beans
tossed salad and dressing
rolls and butter
scalloped potatoes
pickle tray

dessert will be a bought cake

Little Old Elf

When I was a teenager my mom brought home a little elf she found in the basement of a store she was working in. It was probably part of a long forgotten Christmas display. We thought his little face was adorable.  The elf was a little bit faded, but all in all not in bad shape. When I had kids I used to move him around the house and hang him from lights and put him under tables and the kids would regularly hunt around to see where the elf was hiding that day.

I made this wreath with a friend at an evening workshop at Fort Whyte Center 20 years ago. It might be a bit dated but it feels like part of Christmas now. Elf seems to have found a favorite perch there. He still comes out to play with the grand kids but he just doesn't seem to hide around the house like he used to.