Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Taking Down the Cards

I was taking down the Christmas Cards and thought that I should really take a quick picture of what I use. Not the best pictures but it should give an idea. I love getting cards but I must admit it takes a lot to get me to finish making out cards myself and then getting postage and then mailing them!

This wire holder looks pretty nice without the cards but as the cards get added in it becomes more colorful and filled with the warm wishes of the friends and family giving us the cards.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Santa Bob

Visits from Santa are very much appreciated by young and old.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Gingerbread Cake

I made Gingerbread at home with the grandson and I made it at work too. I really like this recipe or maybe anything that is an excuse to add whipping cream. Really it has a nice spice balance and a truly old fashioned taste. My seniors really enjoyed it as a sensory experience and it brought back a bunch of memories. I am not sure why Ginger "bread" isn't made much anymore. People think that they are about to get a rather hard cookie when you offer Gingerbread.

I am so sorry I didn't take a picture.


Welcome to Liz's Christmas Home

Here are a few images from Elizabeth's lovely home.

Christmas Dinner at Liz's

We had a lovely dinner at Elizabeth's houses on Christmas Day.

The dishes belonged to Bob's Grandmother Campbell. That is his Mothers Mother. Elizabeth was happy to receive them. What a treasure. Don't they look wonderful for a Christmas celebration.

She placed the food on her sideboard and had the extra dishes there.

 Ollie didn't want to be left out of the pictures.

Crafting at SAM

We did a bit of crafting at the Stroke Recovery Association of Manitoba.

We made some yummy Chocolates

Clay creations.

Jasper waits for Santa

Santa, Jasper was a very good dog this year. XOXO

Doggies visit Santa

The Grand puppies went to the mall and got to see Santa. Yes, a good time was had by all.
Jasper, the Samoyed, is Emily's and Oliver, the German Shepard, is Elizabeth's dog.

Scandinavian Choir Potluck Dinner

We had a potluck dinner with our Scandinavian Choir group. What a fun time! We did a gift exchange and we sand a bit and we ate lots of delicious food. I took some pictures of their tree because it gives a good pictures of some traditional decorations.

Lovely tree and lots of gifts to trade.

Woven hearts, cones for  candy and flags to decorate the tree.

This is called Vinetarta and is basically a cookie textured cake and prune layers with icing on top. Yum

Dessert Rosettes

Dessert Rosettes made by Alicia. These are a very yummy Scandinavian treat made by dipping a shaped hot iron into batter and then hot oil. She served it with a pudding like sauce and lingonberry jam. The dishes are our winter ones. Let it Snow is just how life is in Winnipeg so we might as well have it on our plates!

Ice Candles

Aren't these lovely centerpieces? We got the 2 piece molds at a garden supply center for a clearance price. I put the water and left over pine branches into the mold and stuck it outside to freeze because it was colder outside than in my freezer!

I had them on a nice platter and it helped keep things tidy. Don't forget these things do melt! The candle inside at one point melted right through. There are really a lot of options for what you could freeze in the mold. I like the greenery and berries but you could add citrus slices, tiny decoration.